For a taste of autumn... enjoy matsutake mushrooms and grilled meat at our restaurant in Nishiazabu

Nishi-Azabu Yakiniku X ~TEN~.

The summer sun is gradually becoming milder and milder.
The night breeze is pleasant, foreshadowing the arrival of autumn.

Our restaurant will offer a new course from September that allows you to taste the autumn season.

The barbeque course is served with Matsutake mushrooms.

~Enjoy the taste of the season!

Autumn is full of delicious seasonal foods.
Matsutake mushrooms, the king of autumn tastes, are an ingredient that makes the dining table a luxurious experience.
Such matsutake mushrooms are incorporated,Seasonal Premium Course [55,000 yen (tax included)will start on September 1 (Fri.).

The dish is made with "domestic matsutake mushrooms" used at "Hiyama" in Higashi-Kawaguchi, which is also known as a famous matsutake mushroom restaurant,
The grilled matsutake mushrooms are a great way to enjoy the taste of the matsutake mushrooms themselves,
Matsutake mushroom and Tajima Gen sirloin shabu-shabu, Matsutake mushroom and Tajima Gen rib roast sukiyaki, etc,
We invite you to take your time and enjoy the flavor created by combining it with our carefully selected Tajima Gen wagyu beef.
Of course, you will also enjoy our other specialties, a total of 16 dishes of grilled meat.
We hope you will spend a luxurious time at our restaurant this fall.


~Take-out menu is also available.

The restaurant also offers takeout boxes and bento boxes filled with our special yakiniku and other delicacies.
From our special Wagyu beef menu such as Tajima Gen Special Kalbi, Aged Tajima Beef Tongue, and Tajima Gen Chateaubriand Cutlet,
TEN's special motsumabushi with grilled sea urchin from Hatori, truffle egg, and other luxurious ingredients are used in this dish,
Koshihikari rice from Kayamori Farm in Niigata Prefecture is used, which has a fluffy, glutinous texture and is full of sweetness and flavor.
The takeout menu, which features a variety of exquisite dishes, makes a great souvenir.

Bento boxes are available from 3,240 yen (including tax), Oju (stacked) from 5,400 yen (including tax), and special Yakiniku Gozen from 10,800 yen (including tax) with reservations made one business day in advance,
We hope you will use our take-out service for various occasions.

Approximately 8 minutes on foot from Roppongi Subway Station.
Azabu Yakiniku X] served by a full-time griller
We invite you to experience the top grade of yakiniku in a chic and luxurious space.
We look forward to your reservation.


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Store Information

[Official] Nishiazabu Yakiniku X
name of a store
[Official] Nishiazabu Yakiniku X
address (e.g. of house)
1-4-46 Nishiazabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Casa Splendid Nishiazabu B1F
Approximately 8 minutes on foot from Roppongi Station on the Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line
Approximately 8 minutes walk from Roppongi Station on the Toei Oedo Line
Approximately 10 minutes walk from Nogizaka Station on Tokyo Metro Chiyoda Line
Phone number
Business Hours
[Monday-Saturday] 17:00-23:30 (L.I. 21:00)
[Sunday] 16:00-22:30 (L.I. 20:00)
regular closing day
Year-end and New Year holidays
Settlement Method
Cash: acceptable 
Credit Card :. VISA  master  Amex  DINERS  JCB 
no smoking in the entire restaurant
Smoking is not permitted inside or outside the restaurant. Please inform your companions that smoking is not permitted away from the restaurant.

Service charge 10% not included
No charge

Children are only allowed to eat the same course as adults.
*The same course content and fees as for adults will be applied.

We do not accept room assignment.
No beverages, etc. are allowed.