A special fifth anniversary course is available in Nishi-Azabu to enjoy Tajimaguro to the fullest!

I am the PR person for Nishi-Azabu Yakiniku X~TEN.

How is everyone doing now that the warmth of spring can be felt in the sunshine?

Our restaurant offers a private room for you to enjoy yakiniku.
Please take your time and enjoy Tajima beef and Tajima Gen in a high quality space.

■Special course to enjoy Tajima Gen to the fullest

~Special course for the 5th anniversary

Nishi-Azabu Yakiniku X~TEN will celebrate its fifth anniversary this March.
To mark the occasion, we have prepared a special course for a limited time only.
The Fifth Anniversary Supreme Course, which can be savored from March 1 through April 30.
Tajima Gen's Yukke, tongue, open sandwiches and liver, as well as sumptuous filet and sirloin steaks.
A total of 17 dishes, including all parts of Tajima Gen, are available for 55,000 yen (tax included) per person.
In addition, this course includes a bottle of domestic caviar for each person.
We also offer special dipping noodles based on beef bone broth and consommé to finish off the meal,
How about a luxurious time with special contents that you cannot experience in any other course?
We hope you will enjoy the delicacies of Tajima Gen during this period.

~Take-out box lunches are also available~!

The taste of Nishi-Azabu Yakiniku X~TEN is also available for take-out.
The "Selected Wagyu Beef 100% Gravy Cheese Hamburger Bento" is a casual dish that adds rich cheese to a hamburger made from 100% selected Wagyu beef.
This bento is limited to 10 folds and includes deep-fried aged beef tongue. In addition, we also have a bento box featuring our famous Tajima Gen.
Tajima Gen Extra Premium Karubi Jyu" is served on a bed of freshly cooked rice made with Niigata Prefecture's Koshihikari rice from the Kayamori Farm.
This is a luxurious bento box containing 100 grams of Tajima Gen's specially selected ribs laid out.
This one is also limited to 10 folds, so don't delay.
We hope you will enjoy the taste of our restaurant as much as we do for take-out.
Approximately 8 minutes walk from Roppongi Station.
Nishi-Azabu Yakiniku X~TEN] where you can enjoy carefully selected meat in a luxurious private room.
Take-out boxed lunches are ideal for home use or as souvenirs.
The entire staff looks forward to serving you.
The images are for illustrative purposes only.

Store Information

[Official] Nishiazabu Yakiniku X
name of a store
[Official] Nishiazabu Yakiniku X
address (e.g. of house)
1-4-46 Nishiazabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Casa Splendid Nishiazabu B1F
Approximately 8 minutes on foot from Roppongi Station on the Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line
Approximately 8 minutes walk from Roppongi Station on the Toei Oedo Line
Approximately 10 minutes walk from Nogizaka Station on Tokyo Metro Chiyoda Line
Phone number
Business Hours
[Monday-Saturday] 17:00-23:30 (L.I. 21:00)
[Sunday] 16:00-22:30 (L.I. 20:00)
regular closing day
Year-end and New Year holidays
Settlement Method
Cash: acceptable 
Credit Card :. VISA  master  Amex  DINERS  JCB 
no smoking in the entire restaurant
Smoking is not permitted inside or outside the restaurant. Please inform your companions that smoking is not permitted away from the restaurant.

Service charge 10% not included
No charge

Children are only allowed to eat the same course as adults.
*The same course content and fees as for adults will be applied.

We do not accept room assignment.
No beverages, etc. are allowed.